“Eben’s Shore” detail by George Frary III


You may post an event to the BAD calendar if:

  • your event is related to arts and culture
  • your venue is in Beverly
  • your event is not a class that takes place over a series of days or months (1-day classes are ok)

Before you get started, here are some guidelines:

  • Have all the information about the event handy (address, start time, cost, etc)
  • Have a really great image ready; you must upload an image with your submission; it should:
  • be a .jpg file only
  • be of good quality to get noticed
  • be re-sized to no more than 100kb; this may look small to you but it won’t be small on the website
  • be named: 2015 Event VenueName – EventName.jpg
  • example: 2015 Event TheCabot – AngieMiller.jpg

If you have a recurring event AND the start time, price, etc are the same for multiple days or if the event runs the same day and time every week – DO NOT ENTER EACH DATE SEPARATELY! You may enter the event one time and use the “recurring” feature on the calendar in the “event time & date” section – it will then appear automatically for each day you select:

  • enter the start date and time as the first day of your event
  • enter the end date (end time optional) as the first day of your event (not the last day)
  • click “recurrence” box and then click “custom”
  • enter the last date of the event in the “and will end on” field (note” do not go out more than 6 months and never choose never!)
  • EXAMPLE: you have an art exhibit that’s up for 3 weeks; it starts July 1 and runs thru Aug 15 and you’re open from 12-8pm on weekdays; you would enter:
    • start date: July 1
    • start time: 12:00pm
    • end date: July 1
    • end time: 8:00pm
    • recurrence = custom
    • and will end on Aug 15
    • frequency = daily every 1 day
    • then put a check box next to M, T, W, Th and Fri
  • EXAMPLE: you host Trivia every Monday night from 8-10pm; you would enter:
    • start date: today
    • start time: 8:00pm
    • end date: today
    • end time: 10:00pm
    • recurrence = custom
    • and will end on date = 6 months from today (never enter never!)
    • frequency = weekly every 1 week
    • then put a check box next to M

If you have a recurring event and the start time, price, etc are NOT the same for multiple days, you should enter a separate event for the days which are different (for example, a matinee that’s a lower price and different start time, or an artist’s reception that happens on one day only)

Once you upload your event and image, the BAD Committee will review it and either contact you with questions or publish it; this may take a few days so enter the event as soon as you know about it

Thank you for contributing to the BAD calendar!