Ana dos Santos is the artist behind Garnetgirl Studio. While in college, Ana was drawn to the mediums of color pencil and oil paints, paying close attention to the subtleties of her subject matter, and especially enjoyed working on small works of art. Although she began working on a larger scale, she was always interested in the intimate aspect of a smaller work of art and being drawn closer to “view” and “experience.” It’s no surprise then, that years later, she has turned her attention to the art of jewelry making where the metal becomes the “canvas,” gems and stones the “palette” and the saw, hammers and files the “brushes.”

Ana’s background in the arts is evident in the way she chooses and approaches her materials. As an artist and art therapist, she is very much engaged in the creative process and doesn’t usually have a design in mind. Rather, she has a more intuitive approach where she lets the materials ‘speak” to her.

Studio: 222 Cabot Street